Wednesday, 5 July 2017

8x6 Workshop Vlog 07-2017

Published on 5 Jul 2017
Home built dust extraction - Workshop cleaning - Olive wood - Tailstock uses. The first Vlog from the 8x6 workshop.

✦Dust Extractor Information✦
Though I don't have plans for my dust extractor I do list links to some of the most useful video's I found when building designing mine.

Silicone Gaskets
To make gaskets exactly the size and thickness you require is easy. NelsonStudios have a video to make large O rings using silicone sealant.

I custom made gaskets to seal the junctions between the extractor and Thien baffle and the baffle and the collection box. I build a mould in a similar fashion to the ring method and cast the gaskets for the collector box lid and access door right on the wood itself.

Thien Baffle
There are many baffle videos to look at but a neat and simple design which influenced my build was by Gary Lucas. I replaced the 2mm polycarbonate sheet with 2mm MDF which was plenty strong enough.

Shop Built
A very good down to earth Thien baffle build

My design would have been better if I could have made it just a couple of inches deeper but could not due to my limited space. However it does a good job and only some fine dust makes it through the unit which is caught in the cut down chip bag which acts as a filter. I was worried that the reduction in bag size may cause too much back pressure but it is livable with.I may, in a future project, duct the outlet pipe through the wall to the outside and do away with the bag altogether.

Extractor Unit
Mine came from Axminster Tools and is hobby rated 3/4hp. It's meant to service just one machine and would be underpowered to cope with a plumbed in ducting system but all i use it for is one machine. I just choose which machine I want by changing the coupling on the end! Most machine shop suppliers will carry a similar generic machine if you do not have an Axminster toy shop nearby.

Please do visit the channel of Annikas, you wont be dissapointed!

As mentioned in the Vlog I will be joining in with the sticker swap scene so if you want to do an exchange please contact me with the 'Send message' button on the 'About' page or though any of the social media messaging services below if you do not have a channel account.

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