February 2017 Woodturners Ten Questions

A few of us with small workshops started this idea of answering the most common questions asked of us and created a series for people to watch. The idea has grown and turners from around the UK are having a go too.

Workshop Set Up

In 1995 I constructed a building to house garden furniture, tools and general junk. Over the years it became overgrown, fell into disrepair and the roof eventually fell in. 

This soggy building was my starting point. It has been re purposed into a fully operational wood working shop complete with all the major power tools and a dust extraction facility.
It is lined, insulated and double glazed. Much of the building materials were scrounged from others (door, roof sheets etc.) but the woodwork was new to ensure a long lasting building

The build cost was a shade under £800 and all work was carried out by me with a little help on the roof structure from a friend. All the major machinery was purchased new along with some additional hand tools and this totaled a little over £4,800. These compliment my original hand power and joinery tools. It will be a working structure as I will be producing bespoke wooden artwork by mid 2017 in this building.